Hydra Spa Professional Facial Machine, Vertical hydrafacial machine
Hydra Spa Professional Facial Machine with operation screen
Vortex tips blue and white and green,for professional hydrafacial machine
Vortex tips of hydrafacial machine is applied to arm
Hydra Facial solves most skin concerns, women splashes face with water
Hydro Spa Professional Facial Machine
Hydro Spa Professional Facial Machine
High quality base of professional hydrafacial machine
Hydro Spa Professional Facial Machine

Hydro Spa Professional Facial Machine

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Experience the most up-to-date vortex fusion technology, designed to delicately yet rigorously refresh and revive any skin type.

The signature 30 minute treatment is highly purifying, hydrating, soothing and straight away beneficial.

There are 3 simple, powerful steps:

  1. Cleansing & Peeling
  2. Extraction + Hydration
  3. Protection

Hydra Spa Treatment Advantages 

  • Hydra facial treatment is undeniably in high demand with more than 90% of of spa clientele saying they would switch their esthetician if they did not provide this treatment
  • High client satisfaction - skin is nearly guaranteed to present a visible healthy glow following the treatment with this machine
  • Treatment includes 3 all-important steps - Cleansing, Extraction, Hydration - with ample flexibility to customize according to each clients concerns
  • Treatment is completely non-invasive and improves dermal health
  • Compared to traditional facials done by hand, the treatment performed by this machine delivers deeper penetration and longer lasting results
  • Promotes skin anti-aging because the treatment is non-irritating and hydrating
  • You can do all kinds of facial treatments with this amazing machine, and machine operation is very easy.  

Skin Benefits 

  • Brighter, balanced, smoother skin
  • Optimize skin hydration levels
  • Free radical protection 
  • Skin surface renewal
  • Lighten and remove dark spots
  • Minimize hyperpigmentation 
  • Improve skin firmness and volume
  • Soften fine lines & wrinkles 
  • Purify and detoxify pores
  • Reduce apparent pore size
  • Reduce skin congestion 
  • Reduce acne breakouts 

Common Questions about Hydra Spa Treatment 

Why is this facial treatment considered healthy?

The treatment is deeply hydrating, and hydration is a fundamental building  block of skin health.  The treatment is also soothing and restorative.

How does Vortex Fusion work?

The unique spiral design of the handle tips works in combination with the advanced vacuum technology of the machine to create a vacuum negative pressure circulation system that very efficiently removes dirt and debris while at the same time infusing hydrating  nutrients of the hydra spa liquid solutions.

For what types of skin is the treatment suitable?

In fact all types of skin can benefit from the treatment, even super sensitive skin.  That’s because the treatment is very, very gentle.  As an esthetician, you can customize the treatment by using special serums.

How fast can my clients see results?

Likely they’ll notice some results after even one 30 minute treatment.  Most clients say their skin appears more toned after the first session.  

How long does the effect of increased hydration last?

The measurable increased  hydration levels can last at least 6 - 8 days.

How often should clients receive a treatment?

At least once per month is ideal.


10 Inches Touch Screen

Max Power Output:  5000W

Approx. Machine Weight:  55kg

Approx. Machine Size:   125*25*58cm 


Main Machine 

10 x Set of 15 Vortex Tips (150 Tips)

1 x vacuum handle

2 x lymphatic drainage handle

4 x LED PDT therapy handle

1 x Skin analyzer probe

1 x Hydra Spa liquid solution 4 pieces set 

Instructions, Training Videos + Ongoing Customer Support

Sold Separately: Hydra Spa Liquid Solutions 

please contact us to order additional sets (approximately $490 each)

1 x Big bottle 437ML

3 x Small bottle 237ML,

(Each facial treatment can use approximately 30ml-50ml)

Accessories, handles, tips of professional hydrafacial machine

Accessories details of professional hydrafacial machine

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