Warranty Policy

As an expert in the spa equipment industry, we understand the challenges of selecting and purchasing new beauty equipment.  Our machines are of the highest quality, providing effective and reliable performance for your business or personal use.

To protect your investment, Rejuva Fresh is pleased to offer a 3 year warranty and a 7 day shipping damage protection guarantee.  Please read the following details thoroughly.

Each of your professional beauty machine(s) are covered by a 3 year warranty (hereafter referred to as the “Warranty”). The 3 years (36 months) commences from the date of delivery of the respective machine. Each of your professional machine(s) is also covered by a 7 day shipping damage protection guarantee (hereafter referred to as Product Quality Guarantee), insuring you against the possibility of damage caused by transit.


If your order includes any consumables, such as gels or liquids or cartridges or tips, such consumable items are not covered by the Warranty.

Handheld devices are also not covered by the Warranty. However, the 7 day Product Quality Guarantee does indeed apply to all products on our website.

Machines less than $500 in sale price or machines marked as “Clearance“ are covered by the Warranty for 1 year only from the date if Delivery.


No exceptions will be made to the timelines provided in this policy. Contact information for Rejuva Fresh: hello@rejuvafresh.com, 1-800-249-1310.

Product Quality Guarantee Terms:

Should your machine be delivered and it doesn't work or function correctly, or is somehow broken, or if you received the wrong product (significantly different from the description and images), and it is reported to Rejuva Fresh in writing to tech@rejuvafresh.com, within 7 calendar days of delivery, including evidence in the form of photos/videos, Rejuva Fresh will provide* a free return shipping label for the damaged item and send you a brand new replacement of the exact same machine, 100% FREE.  *Note that the return label will only be provided if your address is within the continental USA. Other clients will be responsible for your own return shipping arrangements. A brand new replacement of the exact same machine will still be provided.
The Product Quality Guarantee does not include the offer of any refund. Only a free replacement machine will be provided. Should you want to return you machine completely and unused for a refund, you may do so by applying here: https://rejuvafresh.com/a/returns, in which case you are responsible for return shipping costs, and only the product cost will be refunded.  Shipping, handling and associated inspection fees will be deducted from your refund.  Read full Refund Policy:  https://rejuvafresh.com/policies/refund-policy.

The Product Quality Guarantee does not cover any of the following:
  1. Physical damage resulting from your misuse of the product (example - improper liquid insertion into machine or dropping the product).
  2. Your refusal or negligence to make a test video upon the request of Rejuva Fresh technical support staff. Such test videos may be required to confirm the validity of the non functioningand you are required to cooperate and provide all such videos.
  3. Reported damages for which no evidence is provided by you, or minor damages which are purely cosmetic and don’t affect functionality.
  4. Your potential lack of satisfaction with results achieved after testing out or using the product.
  5. Damages to the outer packing box only when the protected machine is functioning normally, even if it is significant damage to the outer boxes.
  6. All quality issues reported by you more than 7 days after delivery. For this case, please refer to our Warranty Terms described below.
  7. All quality issues not reported in writing by email.

Warranty Terms:

The Warranty applies only to you, the buyer, who purchased on Rejuvafresh.com. The Warranty is NOT transferable unless your request for transfer is approved by Rejuva Fresh legal team, in writing.

  1. The 3 year Warranty period commences on the date of delivery.
  2. The Warranty includes remote technical support including comprehensive analysis of any issues and communication with our technicians by Zoom or FaceTime.
  3. We will also offer clear videos to show how to replace such parts so the job can be done efficiently by yourself, without the need to send your machine for repair.
  4. The Warranty excludes normal wear and tear, accessories, and parts such as tips, handpieces, or other related items. Damage resulting from inappropriate use will also void the Warranty.
  5. During the first 3 months of the Warranty, free replacement parts that are necessary to solve any issues are included.
  6. Rejuva Fresh is not responsible for revenue loss due to downtime required for repair, replacement, or shipping time.
  7. The Warranty covers sourcing necessary replacement parts and advice and video instructions showing how to install such parts. However, the customer is responsible for all incurred shipping costs. And after a period of 3 months, the customer is also responsible for the cost of such parts.
  8. If a replacement device is granted, the customer is responsible for shipping costs and the Warranty time frame remains the same from the original purchase.

The above guarantees are all voided if any one or more if the following applies
  1. Failure by you to provide evidence/information demonstrating the issue(s) to be fixed. Evidence/information is specifically defined as evidence/information requested by the technical support staff of Rejuva Fresh.
  2. Failure by you to follow usage instructions (instructions manual and video instructions)/Misuse of the product.
  3. Failure by you to participate in a zoom video conference with Rejuva Fresh training staff, should Rejuva Fresh Technical staff determine you are not operating the equipment correctly.
  4. Lack of satisfaction with results achieved from using the product.
  5. Cases in which you, the buyer, refuses to or neglects to provide any evidence of the defect or damage claimed (example - negligence to provide a video requested by Rejuva Fresh Technical Support.
  6. Alteration of the product by the buyer.
  7. Accidental damage (examples - earthquake, dropping the product).
  8. Impact or insertion of foreign objects or application of harmful chemicals.
  9. Normal wear and tear of the equipment.

Support After the Warranty:

    Rejuva Fresh will continue to be available to provide technical and related support, however there may be a cost for you the buyer, depending on what is needed. (Rejuva Fresh will always continue to provide needed replacement parts).

      Notice Regarding Submission of Videos:

        For larger files we suggest using the following free online method: wetransfer.com.  Please enter tech@rejuvafresh.com as the receiver.