Laser Hair Removal Machines

Laser Hair Removal Machines

Laser Hair Removal Machines 

Ready to achieve permanent hair removal, coupled with silky smooth skin, plus skin rejuvenation? 

We offer the most effective professional hair removal equipment options for medspas and beauty salons, as well as hair removal devices for home use.

Diode Laser Machines with Intelligent Software

Diode Lasers are considered the gold standard in hair removal because the hair removal is very long lasting and because the treatment is relatively comfortable.

Our professional diode laser machines are much more than gadgets that remove hair.  They support skin analysis, image and video storage and assist even inexperienced treatment operators to perform effective hair removal treatments.  You can easily monitor the progress of clients and deliver superior treatment experience and results.  

Professional IPL Hair Removal Plus Skin Rejuvenation

Our IPL Skin Treatment Machines are designed to provide a complete beauty package for your medspa’s clientele.  Not only do they provide effective hair removal that is suitable for most skin types and hair colors, our IPL machines also achieve anti-aging skin rejuvenation and removal of age spots and hyperpigmentations.

Choose the Right Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine for your Business 

On Rejuva Fresh’s website, you will find the highest quality Diode Laser Hair Removal Machines as well as IPL Skin Treatment Machines.  Additionally, we offer multifunctional machines that combine the functions of hair removal with laser tattoo removal and radio frequency treatment. 

Whether you are a spa manager, an esthetician, or personal user, we have the best laser hair removal machines for your needs.  

If you want to learn more about Rejuva Fresh professional beauty machines, please contact us, and one of our representatives will be happy to offer advice, based on your wants, needs, and goals.