White color beauty device Ice blue 7 in 1 dermabrasion machine
24 Million Pixel High Definition Camera and Three Spectral Imaging Technology of Smart Ice Blue Plus Hydra Facial Machine
Before and After Use of  Hydrafacial Machine, remove wrinkle, acne, blackhead, dark circles, shrink pores, whiten
Rejuva Fresh Smart Ice Blue 7-in-1
Front Rear and Side View of Smart Ice Blue PLUS Hydra Facial Machine
Rejuva Fresh Smart Ice Blue 7-in-1
ABCD Adjusting Control Knobs of Smart Ice Blue Hydra Facial Machine
Blue ABC Bottles of Smart Ice Blue Plus Hydra Facial Machine
Photographic Handle of Smart Ice Blue Hydra Facial Machine
Ice Head Cooling Handle of Smart Ice Blue Hydra Facial Machine
Ion Bubble Pen Handle of Smart Ice Blue Hydra Facial Machine
Ultrasonic Import  Handle of Smart Ice Blue Hydra Facial Machine
Rejuva Fresh Smart Ice Blue 7-in-1
Rejuva Fresh Smart Ice Blue 7-in-1
Rejuva Fresh Smart Ice Blue 7-in-1

Rejuva Fresh Smart Ice Blue 7-in-1

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Solve your clients’ skin concerns using 7 distinct beauty treatments and a high definition 24 Million Pixel macro camera with panoramic smart skin detection.

New & improved:

  • Better quality screen tablet version, less likely to break and also clear resolution.
  • Oxygen infusion handle made from high grade sheet metal, which is more durable than before.
  • Camera produces realistic skin analysis results, not just pre-programmed results like a normal screen.
  • Screen upgrades from just a few skin types before to dozens.

 See it in use:

24 million pixel high definition camera of smart ice blue hydrafacial machine
Rejuva Fresh Skin Analyzer System Benefits:

  1. Intelligent face recognition (swipe your face to log in)
  2. Intelligent diagnosis (the system automatically analyzes the test results)
  3. 24 Million Pixel high-definition macro camera
  4. High resolution diagnosis to better solve customers' facial problems and provide the best care
  5. Mobile application multi-device interconnection
  6. Integration and analysis of customer portraits
  7. Security password lock to protect your business information
  8. Intelligent cloud storage of diagnosis results for use at any time (enter the member number to view the cloud detection result report)
  9. Regular skin test reminders
  10. Personalized tracking service
  11. Private customized beauty plan
  12. Push your professional skin care products (effectively provides intelligent recommendation)
  13. Skin detection and skin management 
  14. Client classification profile management 
  15. Reduce personnel training costs 
  16. Optimize client experience with visual reports (new higher technology beauty experience)
  17. Highly cost effective (relative to most skin management instruments on the market)
  18. The design of the handles conforms to the principles of ergonomic mechanics, and material has a strong skin-friendly feeling, so the body feels very fine.

Usage Instructions:

In what ways has the machine been upgraded?

1.  Upgraded Tablet System:  Interface operation is simplified and there is no battery (solves the customs clearance problem of undetected camera).  Ten languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, Polish, Turkish)

2.  Camera upgrade:  The new camera system features optional single point and comprehensive detection.  Three-spectrum (epidermal layer, dermis layer, UV light) high definition video capture can be used before and after treatment.  Test items can include skin color analysis, water-oil balance, fine lines analysis, inflammation analysis, stain analysis, pore analysis.

3.  Upgraded oxygen infusion handle:  air pump is enlarged.

4.  Upgraded suction function:  the abrasion handle has a new hot bubble function with adjustable temperature (25-70 C degrees).  9 suction tips are included: 3 plastic flat mouths (2 with frosted), 3 oblique mouths, 3 silica gels.

5. Optimized ultrasonic shovel:  the sound is quieter and the experience for the client is more pleasurable.

Upgraded Ion Bubble Pen, Upgraded Ultrasonic Skin Shovel of Smart Ice Blue PLUS Hydra Facial Machine
10.1 Inch Touch Screen:

Touch Screen of Smart Ice Blue Hydra Facial Machine

Touch Screen of Smart Ice Blue Hydra Facial Machine, Ultrasonic Handle


  • 1 x Hydrafacial Machine (main unit)
  • 1 x Power Cord 
  • 6 x Hand Cables
  • 1 x Steel Airbrush (Nano Atomizing Spray) Handle
  • 1 x Ice Head (Cooling) Handle
  • 1 x Ion Bubble Pen  
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Import Handle
  • 1 x Skin Scrubber (Aqua Peeling) Handle
  • 1 x RF (Radio Frequency) handle
  • 1 x Photographic Handle 
  • Solution bottles ABC (1 each)
  • Solution bottle D
  • 1 x Sewage bottle 
  • 1 x Hand tool bracket 
  • 1 x Warranty 
  • Training Videos (English)

Download Instructions: HERE

  • Power: 250W
  • Voltage: 100V/110V/220V
  • Treatment Handpieces: 7 pcs
  • Screen Size: 10.1in
  • Ultrasonic Scrubber: 25KHz
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 1MHz
  • Spray Pressure: 2000mmHg
  • Ion bubble: 25℃ ~ 70℃ adjustable
  • Machine Size: 40*29*50cm
  • Machine Weight: 12 kg
  • Package Size: 51*39*62cm
  • Package Weight: 14 kg

This spa machine includes a personal training session with an expert instructor. We also offer complimentary certification (certificate that you can hang on the wall).

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