FDA Approved Spa Equipment

FDA Approved Spa Equipment

The spa equipment in this collection has been FDA approved, which means the FDA deems it is both safe and will deliver the promised results when used properly.

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Please note that other spa equipment advertised and sold by Rejuva Fresh are not necessarily categorized as medical devices and  have not been presented to the FDA for the approval process.  Just because a spa machine in not listed in this collection doesn’t mean it’s not completely safe to use.  It just means that we don’t consider it to necessarily be in the in the medical device category and therefore we haven’t presented  it to the FDA. 

Also please note that spa machines with medical FDA approval will normally have a higher sale price due to the FDA approval process being very expensive.  However, you will find that are prices are very reasonable compared to many other US companies.  Rejuva Fresh sells our equipment exclusively online and pass the savings onto our clients.  This also enables us to provide free personalized training and other support services to our clients for free.

The pathway for obtaining USA FDA approval for medical devices is a thorough and demanding process.

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of a device, it must undergo clinical testing, typically supervised by medical experts knowledgeable about the specific product or similar ones.

The approval process can vary in duration, but generally it takes several years to review new and innovative treatments and devices in the cosmetic industries to finalize USA medical FDA approval.