EMS Body Sculpting Machines

EMS Body Sculpting Machines

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If you are looking to reduce fat and build muscle simultaneously, high intensity electromagnetic muscle training (HIEMT) is a great way to go.

Compared to other brands on the market, Rejuva Fresh EMS body sculpt machines are stronger, have higher magnetic flux density, and consequently can produce more effective results:

We offer the latest professional HIEMT body sculpting machines for SPAs and clinics. 

We also offer body sculpting machines for personal use:

Whether it’s for your SPA or for home use, the technology of EMShape, EMSzero and EMSlim machines works like this:

High intensity magnetic energy is applied to the targeted treatment area, forcing powerful muscle contractions that are not achievable by voluntary exercise.

The magnetic energy safely passes through clothes and skin into your body, exciting the muscles to contract many thousand of times in a 30 minute treatment session.   In fact, an EMS body sculpting treatment session can feel much like a very intense gym workout.

These ultra intense muscle contractions force the muscle tissue to adapt, which results in substantial deep remodeling of the muscle tissue.   Meanwhile this same super muscle workout causes a large amount of fat decomposition.