EMSZERO Machines

EMSZERO Machines

Experience Rejuva Fresh EMSzero Machines

We created EMSzero body sculpting technology with one goal in mind - Allow people to achieve the body of their dreams without spending long tedious hours at the gym, and without paying a fortune.

Using an EMSzero Machine helps you improve muscle tone and burn fat simultaneously, and it’s all achieved while lying down. The EMSzero procedure has gradually become a popular choice for those seeking to transform their bodies without surgery and while staying within budget constraints. 

How Does EMSzero Work?

Let the patient lie down and strap the EMSzero machine handle to the targeted body area.  Select intensity, select treatment time (usually 30 minutes) and press start.

The system proceeds to use high intensity pulsed magnetic wave energy to stimulate thousands of deep muscle contractions in the targeted body area.   This effortless treatment provides optimally therapeutic levels of magnetic fields for maximum results. Say goodbye to strenuous workouts and hello to a sculpted physique with EMSzero!

Advice About EMSzero:

Rejuva Fresh a reputable company and we are very honest with our clients.  The fact is, EMSzero is not for everyone. EMSzero is not a weight loss treatment and the ideal candidate has a BMI less than 35.  

Furthermore there are a lot of unauthentic EMSzero machines on the market, including some that look like a colorful mobile phone.

If you want to buy an authentic EMSzero machine with a real warranty that will produce real results, you can order directly on our website.  You can also first schedule a free consultation and find out if EMSzero is really the right solution for your needs.  Rejuva Fresh also offers other the best selection of EMS Body Sculpting Machines available online.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation! !