EMShape Neo Body Sculpting Machines

EMShape Neo Body Sculpting Machines


Discover our EMShape Neo Body Sculpting Machines  Today

Want to efficiently build muscle and burn fat at the same time, without extensive gym sessions? Are you looking for an EMS body sculpting machine that gives similar results to machines that cost several hundred thousand USD?

Look no further than our EMShape Neo body sculpting machines - the ultimate solution for truly effective body sculpting without the enormous price tag.  Enjoy a  high energy workout & effective results for less with our machines, priced under $20K. Transform your body today!

How Does EMShape Neo Work? 

Safe and effective for both SPA and home use, the EMShape Neo procedure is like a involuntary super-intense gym workout, completed all while lying down!

Just like the more expensive machines, EMShape Neo machines use high intensity magnetic energy combined with radio frequency heating to cause intense muscle contractions that aren’t possible with voluntary exercise.  Each treatment is just 30 minutes, in which time thousands of muscle exercises are experienced.  It's your secret to an effortlessly toned physique!

The handle and cooling system of EMShape Neo are uniquely designed with a double layer magnetic coil and horizontal air flow for more effective results compared to other competing technologies.

EMShape Neo for Spas & Clinics

Investing in a professional EMShape Neo machine is an ideal way to upgrade your aesthetic treatment menu.  You can give your clients the opportunity to experience the very latest in professional body sculpting technology and help them achieve their goals more efficiently.

Rejuva Fresh not only offers you this cutting edge body sculpting equipment, we also offer free training for you and your staff.  Contact us to learn more. 

EMShape Neo for Personal Use  

Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a toned and sculpted body with your very own Personal EMShape Neo.

Our portable EMShape Neo machine uses the same technology as our  bigger machines.  From the comfort of home you can experience the power of high-intensity magnetic and radio frequency energies, as they melt away fat, tighten skin, and promote new muscle growth for a stronger and leaner physique.